Balconagar, 30th May, 2024: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer and a part of Vedanta Aluminium, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UltraTech Cement Limited towards the manufacture of low-carbon cement. Under this strategic partnership, BALCO will dispatch 75,000 metric tonnes of fly ash to UltraTech Cement, which will be utilised in the production of cement with a lower carbon footprint. BALCO is a preferred supplier of high-quality fly ash to some of India’s leading cement producers, fostering industrial collaboration towards achieving circular economy.

Fly ash is a by-product generated during the production of thermal power, which caters to the electricity requirements of BALCO’s aluminium plant at Korba. It is a sought-after raw material in the cement industry owing to its inherent cementitious properties, and offers numerous benefits, including reduced water consumption, improved workability, enhanced mechanical properties, and increased durability. Further, being a voluminous industrial by-product, fly ash comes with significant cost and energy advantages as well. In cement manufacturing, every tonne of fly-ash used can help save around 700-800 kg of carbon emissions, 4.2 million KJ of energy, and 341 litres of water.

Fly ash also has several applications beyond cement, including brick manufacturing, road construction, and infrastructure projects. India’s fast-growing economy is witnesses large-scale projects, creating significant scope for the increased usage of fly ash. The high-quality coal used at BALCO’s power plants produces low-sulphur, high-quality ash, making it ideal for cement production, brick manufacturing, road construction, and infrastructure projects. In FY24 alone, BALCO supplied over 4 million metric tonnes to support other industries, achieving an impressive 150% utilization of the fly ash generated through its operations.

Highlighting the significance of the collaboration, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO, BALCO, stated, “At BALCO, we are committed to advancing circular economy initiatives to ensure the effective utilization of industrial by-products. Strategic collaborations like these offer multiple benefits, including enhanced quality, sustainability, and cost advantages for cement manufacturing, while also aiding in effective waste management. Our waste-to-wealth initiatives aim to develop thriving value chains that convert our by-products into valuable resources for other industries, maximizing resource efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability.”

Mr. Praveen Kumar, Sr. General Manager – RM & Fuels East Cluster, UltraTech Cement, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the mutual benefits it brings. “Partnering with BALCO aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices. Fly ash utilization in cement production not only enhances product quality but also supports our sustainability efforts.”

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