Central Consumer Protection Authority has passed order against Amazon for allowing sale of domestic pressure cookers in violation to mandatory standards on its e-commerce platform.

Amazon has been directed to notify consumers of all two thousand 265 pressure cookers, recall and reimburse the prices of such pressure cookers to consumers and submit a compliance report in 45 days.

Amazon will pay a penalty of one lakh for allowing the sale of pressure cookers in violation of Quality Control Orders, QCO and violating the rights of consumers. In the order, CCPA also directed Amazon to submit a compliance report within 45 days.

CCPA had recently issued Safety Notices to alert and caution consumers against buying goods that do not hold valid ISI Mark and violate compulsory BIS standards.

The first Safety Notice was issued with regard to Helmets, Pressure Cookers and Cooking gas cylinders.

The second Safety Notice was issued with regard to household goods including electric immersion water heaters, sewing machines, microwave ovens, and domestic gas stoves with LPG.

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