Bengaluru (IP News).There has never been a shortage of art and craftsmen in India. If
there is a shortage, then they give respect to these artisans for their rights. Their created
artwork is used by top designers from around the country and the world without any credit.
Due to the lockdown, the public is facing both physical and economic problems. The worst
effect of this lockdown has been on the craftsmen and labourers, whose daily work is the
source of their income. Since 2012, the UTHHAN team met several artisans who made
many beautiful products to decorate the homes of others but could not make money for
their living. As a result, the artisans are now hating their amazing arts and do not want to
continue it.

The number of these artisans in the country is more than about 47 lakhs, but how many of
them are there whose families can follow well. At this time, the country is fighting a
dangerous virus that has destroyed everything. Many such works make our homes bright, but the beauty of their homes is extinguished today due to the lockdown. These people
have lost their means of income due to lockdown. In such a situation, it is becoming very
difficult for them to gather even two-time rotis or bread. In such a situation, regeneration
can help them.

Uthhan delivers artisan goods to the people through online media. In this, due to the direct
contact between the people and the artisans, they get all their hard-earned money. Today
many different platforms are making money with the help of handicrafts, but are the people
making them getting the right money. This will help the artisans to reach new markets.
Support the community of artisans as it is the third-largest population in India. UTHHAN- is
the first initiative to empower the artisans in India where the benefit of selling the artworks
without any middleman goes directly to the artisan.

We follow an e-commerce-based model, where it directly displays artisan products.
The price is decided by the artisans only. Here the products of artisans are transported to
the people at very reasonable prices. At the time of this lockdown, these artisans are selling
products made by them from their homes through regeneration. At the time of lockdown,
about 1000 families are getting income through upliftment, due to which their daily
expenses are running. Artisans of many states of the country like Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala
Bihar, and Jharkhand are getting help through upliftment at the time of lockdown. Uthhan
has raised both the website and mobile app for the artisans so that there is no problem of
any kind.

The UTHHAN mobile application has been launched in many languages (English, Hindi,
Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu) so that people from different places can easily
connect with it. The nomination of families of more than 10,000 artisans has already been
completed. Under the scheme, artisan identity cards (AIDs) are issued to the families. A
wide range of products from artisan families have already been displayed.

Leemon Ravi, founder of Uthhan said in his statement, “Our mission is to ensure fair prices
for our artisans, while gradually building a self-sufficient enterprise. We look forward to
promoting the craft and sensitizing people to the need for support.” The purpose of
upliftment is to enrol maximum families according to region and district and cooperate
under one roof. Once the families are enrolled, it helps them to create handicraft designs
that are popular in the market. Since, it is an online marketplace; it is pushing artisans to
emphasize diversity rather than quantity. Payments from the end-user will go directly to the
respective artisan accounts without any middlemen.

Visit website for more information on How Indian Artians is getting benefitted
through Uthhan Initiative.

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