National, 15th May, 2024: Titan Raga, a brand, known for its beautiful collection of timepieces and thoughtful narratives celebrating women, announces the launch of its latest campaign, ‘Beautiful Together’. Featuring the dynamic, Alia Bhatt, the TVC is a heartwarming representation of the enduring bond of sisterhood.

The campaign draws insight from the evolving role of beauty, a paradigm shift from fueling competition among women in the past; transforming into a shared experience that fosters discreet yet significant support among them, today. From creating connections over beauty hacks to extending support and collaborating with each other to shatter barriers across various domains, sisterhood is a thriving reality.

Taking a light-hearted and buoyant tone, Alia Bhatt is seen interacting with women around her. From complimenting a stranger in an elevator, sharing a tender moment of exchanging a Raga timepiece with a friend to enhance her attire, and to supporting another facing a fashion mishap at a social event. In true spirit, the campaign exudes warmth and emphasizes the value of female bonds. The voiceover captures the core thought with “Humaari khubsurati mein ek dusre ka haath hai,” shining a spotlight on beauty as a catalyst that evokes a sense of camaraderie, comfort, and community among women.

The campaign raises a toast to all the remarkable women who enable, support, and cheer each other on! It is a celebration of sisterhood, because we are ‘Beautiful Together’.

Aparna Ravi, Marketing Head, Titan Watches said, “Raga as a brand has consistently been driving deep and meaningful narratives about women. ‘Beautiful Together’ is our conscious effort to recognize a bond that’s often overlooked – the incredible strength and support women find in each other. We are thrilled to have Alia Bhatt on board, who perfectly epitomizes the spirit of sisterhood. We believe this campaign will resonate with our audience and inspire them to celebrate the amazing women in their lives.”

“Titan Raga has always fronted conversations that genuinely speak to women. Raga watches are designed to evoke beauty and femininity and these are pillars of all our Raga campaigns. Today femininity is evolving from being about individual choices to a collective hurrah. Women feel fulfilment and joy in celebrating each other not just for the big wins but also for the little things that earlier would not be noticed. This beautiful spirit of sisterhood is captured in our new campaign in which we see how the tiniest of moments can also become uplifting when women simply come together. We have deliberately chosen instances that are highly relatable like lending a helping hand in making wardrobe choices to paying a compliment to another woman in a trial room. The brand platform Beautiful Together resonated with our brand ambassador Alia Bhatt, known for her tightly knit circle of girlfriends and the infectious positivity they collectively generate. The essence of sisterhood she herself embodies made her the ideal candidate to advocate this heartwarming message, stated Tithi Ghosh, President and Head of Office, Ogilvy South.

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