Mumbai : Tata Power, with over 7.5 lakh consumers in Mumbai is all-set to manage the increasing demand for power in the summer season and has taken extensive measures across its Generation, Transmission and Distribution verticals to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the city. Having deployed cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to monitor and forecast demand, the company expects the demand for Apr-June-24 to be peak at 1,030 MW from its consumer base in Mumbai.

Tata Power Mumbai Distribution has informed all its contracted generating units to keep full availability during this period. On-ground transmission & distribution service team has been given detailed work instructions, checklists, video tutorial training and schematics to ensure that they are fully equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the power network.

The company has enhanced the distribution service by quick restoration of power through adoption of cutting-edge Auto Transfer Schemes (ATS), LoRa IoT solutions, and Feeder Remote Terminal Units (FRTU) in its Distribution Substations (DSS) and Customer Service Stations (CSS). It is also monitoring the network through thermal scanning of transformers, feeder pillars, and cables. Additionally, the analysis of CCTV footage, along with housekeeping and intruder alerts, is ensuring a secure and safe workplace.

All of the company’s dedicated call centers and 10 customer care centers have been prepped to handle consumers’ queries relating to billing and consumption during the season. With participation from more than 2.3 lakh customers, in the weeks leading up to this summer, the company held 9 Behavioural Demand Response (BDR) programme in Mumbai for better preparedness to anticipate possible challenges and expects to hold 4-5 more such programme in the coming weeks.

Apart from providing up to 50% discount on new energy efficient devices, an appliance exchange programme is also being carried out to promote energy efficiency which includes energy efficient ceiling fans, air-conditioners, LED tube lights and refrigerators for residential customers. Similar offers are also available to its commercial and industrial consumers including conducting energy audit for efficient demand side management this summer.

In terms of generation, the company has completed preventive maintenance on its thermal and hydroelectric plants and have ensured that no significant outages are planned during this timeframe.

Recently, Tata Power collaborated with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) under the demand flexibility programme for power optimisation by shifting water pumping load from peak and non-solar hours to non-peak and solar.

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